Atlantic Encounters

Atlantic Encounters

Atlantic Encounters

April 5-19, 2019

Take in renowned sights on both sides of the Atlantic—first in Canada, then in Ireland and France.

First, sail to Saint John, a town located on the unique Bay of Fundy. Witness the Reversing Falls, a daily tidal phenomenon, and take in nineteenth-century Victorian-style buildings before continuing to Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia. Although it’s the largest city in the Maritime Provinces, Halifax manages to evoke a small-town charm with the thriving spirit of its heritage.

St. John’s, the following port, is often described as a mini San Francisco with its multi-colored row houses that cascade down the steep hilly slopes. Experience the town’s strong artistic and musical spirit before sailing across the Atlantic to Cobh. Take in scenic views of the large harbor, or consider visiting the nearby lively town of Cork to explore its seventeenth-century alleyways that lead to historic and cultural sites.

Next, sail to Ireland’s capital, Dublin. The city packs character into neatly lined rows of Georgian buildings, gleaming edifices, and quaint cobblestone streets. Saint-Malo, a beautiful fortified town sitting on France’s coast, is perfect for by-foot exploration.

Before ending your cruise in Southampton, visit Le Havre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Virtually destroyed during World War II, the city was rebuilt under the direction of Belgian architect Auguste Perret.

Take in the modernist infrastructure or consider traveling to nearby Paris to cap off your trip.

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