Vikings and Royals

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Vikings and Royals

July 29-August 19

Trace the path of the Vikings on this luxury cruise across the Northern Atlantic aboard the Nautica.

From London, gear up for your transcontinental voyage with stops in the former Norse settlements of Edinburgh and Kirkwall; then set sail across the Atlantic, punctuating your trip with a visit to the Danish-controlled Faroe Islands.

Upon arrival in Iceland, explore the volcanic Lake Mývatn just inland of Akureyri; and see the country’s oldest house, Tjoruhusid, in Isafjordur.

Make your way to Greenland and the archeological wonders of Paamiut by way of the Prince Christian Sound; and stroll past the colorful, quaint wooden homes of Qaqortoq.

Spend the night in the otherworldly beauty and contemporary culture of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik.

Finally, take a few days to delve into Ireland’s Viking heritage in the walled city of Londonderry and the cosmopolitan hubs of Belfast and Dublin before disembarking the Nautica back in London.

Vikings and Royals map of itineraryDestination: England, Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, Ireland
Provider: Go Next
Trip Type: Cruise

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