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Being a Jayhawk is a family tradition for many of us. The KU Alumni Association can help keep that tradition going strong for generations. As the children and grandchildren of KU alumni begin thinking about college options, the information below may help your future Jayhawks find his or her way back to the Hill.

Legacy Recruitment Program

Help us identify future Jayhawks by sharing with us the names of prospective KU students who are in the sixth grade or older. After you complete the Legacy Recruitment Program form, your future ‘Hawk will become part of the Office of Admissions mailing list and will receive information about KU. (Note: A student who has already applied for admission to KU is already on the mailing list.)

Contact: Joy Maxwell, director of legacy relations, 785.864.9773 or jmaxwell@kualumni.org

Jayhawk Generations Scholarship

Once a Jayhawk, always a Jayhawk–and that includes your children and grandchildren. The Jayhawk Generations Scholarship provides tuition discounts to students from outside Kansas who have a parent or grandparent who graduated from KU. It is part of a new system of renewable scholarships for all incoming freshmen. For more information on all scholarships, visit www.admissions.ku.edu.

Contact: Joy Maxwell, director of legacy relations, 785.864.9773 or jmaxwell@kualumni.org

Student Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is a level of membership in the KU Alumni Association especially for current students that provides many benefits and opportunities. Members receive free gifts and invitations to special events throughout the year, including free Finals Dinners, opportunities to network with alumni, a birthday gift and more.

Contact: Kiley Gilmore, assistant director of student programs, 785.864.4795 or kgilmore@kualumni.org

Parent Membership

Did you know that parents can join the KU Alumni Association? You don’t even need a KU degree to be an Association member. KU Alumni Association memberships are open to all KU friends and families, including parents. Stay connected to your child’s home away from home on the Hill, and we’ll provide all the benefits of membership, including our award-winning, bi-monthly Kansas Alumni magazine. Learn more, and join today.

Contact: Teri Harris, vice president of membership and business development, 785.864.9780 or tharris@kualumni.org


Want to learn more about KU?

Prospective students who want to learn more about the University of Kansas should visit the KU Office of Admissions at www.admissions.ku.edu. There you can schedule a campus visit, view application requirements, and learn about scholarships and costs for freshmen.