Network Volunteers

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Network Volunteers

Each alumni network benefits from the leadership of volunteers who lead network meetings, organize events and support Association programs. Volunteer positions are available in your network, or you can help establish a network in your area if one doesn’t exist.

How to volunteer

To volunteer, contact Nick Kallail, assistant vice president of alumni and network programs, at or 800.584.2957, or fill out the Volunteer Sign Up form below.

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Volunteer Guide

Mission Statement

The KU Alumni Association exists to strengthen the University of Kansas by informing, mobilizing and supporting Association members and the KU community.

Brand Pillars

Through the support of dues-paying members, the KU Alumni Association creates impact for the University of Kansas in five ways: We Advocate, Communicate, Recruit, Serve and Unite.

Your Role

How to Help

Serving the Association

Promote membership and growth (Annual, Path to Life Premium, Life, Presidents Club)

Share great network stories for Kansas Alumni magazine and digital content

Collect business cards to maintain Association connections with alumni base

Assist admissions and notify the Association of potential legacy students

Event Buckets

Crimson and Blue Views

Crimson & Blue Views

Crimson & Blue Views events unite alumni and friends to watch televised KU games with fellow Jayhawks.



Hawk Happenings

Hawk Happenings

Hawk Happenings events gather Jayhawks to enjoy live sports and entertainment events.



KU Cares

KU Cares

KU Cares events rally Jayhawk volunteers who lend their time and talents to benefit their communities. Alumni across the country are already involved in community causes and have shown a strong desire to leverage KU networks to further those efforts.






Rock Chalk Connect

Rock Chalk Connect

Rock Chalk Connect events offer opportunities to network with other professionals and exchange career tips.



Rock Chalk Cultivate

Rock Chalk Cultivate

Rock Chalk Cultivate is a series of events that gives KU alumni opportunities to acquire or develop qualities or skills with—and sometimes from—fellow Jayhawks.