KU Alumni Mentoring


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The KU Alumni Association has partnered with the University of Kansas to offer an online mentorship community for KU students and alumni.

Whether you are a KU student looking to connect with alumni in your chosen field or a KU graduate hoping to enhance your career, KU Alumni Mentoring can help Jayhawks succeed both professionally and personally.

How does it work?

 KU Alumni Mentoring includes two types of mentorships: Long-term mentoring and flash mentoring.

Long-term Mentoring

Long-term mentoring, which lasts a semester or longer, includes a series of regular meetings that can take place online or in person. Long-term mentors are automatically matched, introduced and given a set of topics to discuss.

Flash Mentoring

Flash mentoring is a one-time meeting where a mentee can self-select someone from the network of alumni mentors. The platform allows participants to sync calendars and find a meeting time where they can connect either online or in-person.

Who is eligible?

KU alumni and current KU students are eligible to sign up as a volunteer mentor, a mentee, or in some cases, both. Students who sign up will also be joining the Student Alumni Network (SAN) with opportunities to connect with alumni through networking events and other student programs.

Once you sign up online, your application will be reviewed, and you should receive an email within a few days.

KU Alumni Mentoring

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy when you connect your Linkedin profile. When registering, you’ll have the opportunity to join the KU Alumni Mentoring community with alumni from all parts of KU–including the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences–plus other mentoring communities dedicated to specific KU schools. Mentor communities include:

KU Alumni Mentoring

KU Architecture & Design Mentoring

KU Business Mentoring

KU Engineering Mentoring

KU Journalism Mentoring

The initiative is also being supported by the University Honors Program and the University Career Center.

When can I sign up?

KU Alumni Mentoring is being launched with a test group of alumni and students this fall. It will be open to all KU students and alumni in 2018.