Future Jayhawk has room to grow

Posted on Aug 30, 2017 in News

A Gardner family is giving a KU twist to the classic tradition of taking their child’s picture before each first day of school.

Shirly Kleiner, g’89, wanted to remember her grandson’s growth with an eye on his future: continuing the family tradition of attending the University of Kansas. So every first day, Brecken will slide on, and maybe someday squeeze on, the adult medium KU shirt for a picture.

“I loved the DNA theme for KU being in our family’s blood,” Shirly said. She’s not exaggerating: Shirly, Brecken’s father Travis, f’05, and Brecken’s older brother Thomas Wilkinson, a freshman studying mechanical engineering, all share KU as their school.

Brecken is 3 years old and is aiming to arrive on campus in fall 2032. We hope to see you then, Brecken!

Brecken Pre-preschool Brecken KU Shirt Aug 21 2017 Phone (4)[2]

-Ryan Camenzind

The photo on the left is from Brecken’s first day of pre-pre-school in 2016, and the photo on the right is this year’s first-day picture.

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