How to Prepare for your Flying Jayhawks Journey

Posted on Mar 24, 2015 in Alumni News and News

Justin McNulty of www.justindoesblog.comThis is a guest post by Justin A. McNulty, a Life and Presidents Club member of the KU Alumni Association who travels close to 100,000 miles and spends more than 50 nights each year in hotels. He has visited 49 states in the United States and 33 countries on four continents. Justin created his blog, Justin Does…, to share his experiences, tips and tricks learned both at home and on the road.

Now that you’ve painstakingly selected your Flying Jayhawks trip, the hard work isn’t quite over yet. Whether you’ve selected that luxury cruise or two weeks around Southeast Asia, don’t let planning your dream vacation overwhelm you. Here are some tips to help make the final preparations for your Flying Jayhawks trip:

Research your destinations.
The Internet is filled with a plethora of information—some good and some bad. Make sure you compare notes of the various sources you research so you can weed out the good tips from the bad tips. Over time, the best options will jump out at you. When I visit new cities I turn to Frommer’s. Frommer’s has great summaries of all the landmarks, including self-guided walking tours, for how to see a city in three or less days.

Figure out your money plan.
Everyone that knows me knows that Justin Does…Not EVER have cash. When I travel, I rely on plastic and rarely use cash. Most credit cards don’t charge you foreign transactions fees, that is, a surcharge for them to convert the foreign currency transaction into US dollars, so you usually get the best exchange rate (be sure to check with your credit card issuer BEFORE you depart!) When I do need cash, though, I use my debit card at local ATMs; again, you get the best exchange rate. While I may get charged a non-network ATM fee from time to time, I’d rather get cash when needed, than carry around large sums of money. I never use traveler’s checks as they are always a pain to cash in AND you usually get a poor conversion rate.

Pack right, not necessarily light.
The type of trip you’ve booked will influence the wardrobe you pack. If cruising is your thing, you’ll probably need to include dressier clothing for all those fancy dinners. If you are partaking in an African safari, most likely you’ll need breathable clothing that you won’t mind getting a little dirty. Whichever destination you choose, put some thought into all the activities you want to do and make sure you pack the right items.

—Justin A. McNulty, founder and editor of Justin Does…

Watch the slideshow below to see pictures from Justin’s 2010 Flying Jayhawks trip “Cradle of History.”


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