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Jayhawks in the News

Find out what University of Kansas alumni are up to in our weekly edition of “Jayhawks in the News.” It’s like an online version of Class Notes. If you’ve seen Jayhawks in the news who should be featured, email us at share@kualumni.org.


30 Under 30 – Energy 2019 | Forbes

Sunny Sanwar, e’10, earned a degree in mechanical engineering at age 19. By 22 he developed and commercialized lithium-polymer battery packs, and has worked to scale them up from 1kwh to 1mwh. In 2016 he sold his battery venture Verd2Go for $2 million to Exergonix, where he now leads development of large-scale utility, rooftop solar and energy storage, having completed nearly 100 projects.
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Phyllis Bock: First Associated Students of Montana State University attorney | Montana State University

Phyllis Bock’s work is unmatched and of huge historical and cultural significance for anyone attending Montana State University between the 1970s and early 2010. Bock, c’73 l’78, was hired at MSU in 1982 to initiate the Associated Students of MSU (ASMSU) student legal services program as a pilot project. The program was intended to provide low cost legal services to students in the areas of tenant and landlord law, family law, domestic abuse and misdemeanors.
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Day in the Life: Advocacy, poetry guide Raven Bookstore owner’s life | University Daily Kansan

The Raven Book Store has been around for 31 years on the corner of 7th and Massachusetts Streets. Danny Caine, a University of Kansas graduate, g’17, and published poet, bought the store in August 2017. Caine went from chaperoning high school dances in Smithville, Ohio, to owning the Raven Book Store, while getting a couple degrees and publishing a few poems along the way.
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Day in the Life: ACLU adviser Amii Castle says she has ‘the sweetest gig ever’ | University Daily Kansan

Amii Castle, c’94 l’97, always knew she wanted to teach. So a few years ago, after working for most of her career as a litigator in downtown Kansas City, the University of Kansas alumna decided to give her alma mater a call. “They said, ‘Well, we don’t really hire KU grads, so you’re kind of wasting your time,’” she said. Undiscouraged, Castle went ahead with advice to develop a class and get published. Within two years, she published nine articles — all while working full time.
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New chief judge appointed for 14th Judicial District | State of Kansas Office of Judicial Administration

Chief Justice Lawton Nuss announced today the Kansas Supreme Court has appointed District Judge Jeffrey Gettler, l’06, as chief judge of the 14th Judicial District from January 13 through December 31, 2019.
Gettler will succeed Chief Judge William Cullins, who will continue to serve as a district judge in the 14th Judicial District. The 14th Judicial District is composed of Chautauqua and Montgomery counties. “We are glad that Judge Gettler has agreed to serve as chief judge, providing continuity in capable leadership in the 14th Judicial District,” said Nuss.
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ADL Launches Task Force to Protect Minority Communities of Middle East | Press Release Point

ADL today announced the launch of a new task force focused on promoting the protection of minority communities in the Middle East. One member of the task for is Jomana Qaddour, c’06 l’09, who is a doctoral student at Georgetown University Law Center focusing on ethno-sectarian identities and their impact on legal and constitutional frameworks. She is also the co-founder of Syria Relief & Development, a humanitarian organization that has implemented over $50 million worth of humanitarian and emergency relief to Syrians in Syria and the region.
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