Meet the Admissions Rep: Megan Ritter

Posted on Feb 14, 2014 in Alumni News and News

Alumni play an important role in helping to recruit new students to the University of Kansas, and the KU Alumni Association works closely with the KU Office of Admissions in these efforts. Each year, the Office of Admissions staffs recruiters to represent KU throughout the state of Kansas an in key territories across the country. We asked each of the admissions reps to share a little information with us so alumni can get to know them.

Today’s post features Megan Ritter, c’12, a native of Overland Park. Megan is the St. Louis Regional Representative.

What is your fondest memory of your time at KU?Megan-Ritter
Well, they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and now that I have left KU, I look back at my entire experience  fondly. I am grateful for the incredible education and opportunities that KU gave me and the wonderful people and friends I met there that have shaped and enriched my life.

What clubs, organizations or traditions did you participate in as a student?
I really tried to take advantage of all of the clubs and organizations that KU has to offer. I was involved in Student Senate and served as Student Body Vice President. I was also a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority, the University Honors Program, Oxfam, and a number of leadership boards and committees.

Name one class you think every KU student should take and why.
I do not know that I have one class in particular that I think students should take because I truthfully enjoyed all of the classes I took at KU. But I would encourage students to challenge themselves and take courses that are outside of their typical comfort zone. If the student is a math/science person, take a Philosophy course or if the student is an English major, take an Economics course. I think that college should not just teach you information, but rather, how to think  and new perspectives to make you a more well-rounded individual.

When did you know you loved KU?
It was during the beginning of my freshman year. I had already begun taking classes and realized that KU is an incredible academic institution, I made friends with some people that are still my best friends today, and was enjoying attending football games and singing the alma mater and screaming (or jingling my keys). I realized that KU had everything I ever wanted and that I was exactly where I wanted to be. The best part about that feeling, as any Jayhawk would say, it never leaves.

Describe your perfect day in Lawrence.
My perfect day in Lawrence starts with brunch at The Mirth with friends before heading over to Allen Fieldhouse for a home basketball game. Following the victory, we would head back to Mass Street to walk around and grab dinner.

What’s the most important piece of advice you give prospective students?
Without a doubt, the most important advice I give is to get involved! Join clubs or organizations—they make campus feel smaller and they help you form relationships with like-minded students. Also, go to your professors’ office hours. They are so helpful and really helped me challenge myself and grow academically.

How do you show your Jayhawk pride?
I think that there is little question when people see my apartment or the amount of crimson and blue in my wardrobe. I also show my pride by the way I talk about how incredible my experience at KU was and continues to be (and by watching Jayhawk basketball). Not to mention, I moved into the heart of Tiger country to recruit away future Jayhawks!

Tell us about your involvement with your local Alumni Association chapter and describe how this network can help prospective/current students.
I enjoy attending KU Basketball watch parties with the St. Louis Alumni Chapter. The Jayhawk Alumni network is incredibly helpful. Whether it is resume help, finding prospective employers or career advice, Jayhawks help out other Jayhawks!

How does your KU degree help you in your career and daily life?
At my job in particular, my KU degree and experience help immensely! Of course, I get to talk about how great KU is daily.  Beyond this, KU helped build my strong skillset of problem solving, critical thinking, and communication.

Click here to visit Megan’s page on the Office of Admissions website, which includes her recruitment territories and school visit schedule. Contact Megan at 314.696.2473 or by email at

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