Meet the Admissions Rep: Michael Chavez

Posted on May 8, 2014 in Alumni News and News

Alumni play an important role in helping to recruit new students to the University of Kansas, and the KU Alumni Association works closely with the KU Office of Admissions in these efforts. Each year, the Office of Admissions staffs recruiters to represent KU throughout the state of Kansas an in key territories across the country. We asked each of the admissions reps to share a little information with us so alumni can get to know them.

Today’s post features Michael Chavez, c’11, a native of Topeka. Michael recruits students from Kansas City, Shawnee and Topeka.

What is your fondest memory of your time at KU?Chavez
One of my favorite memories is attending LeaderShape, a 6-day leadership conference. Not only was I around KU’s finest and brightest, but I gained a much deeper understanding of myself as a leader.  I gained valuable skills that I use in my everyday life now and still keep in touch with the Jayhawks I met during that time.

What clubs, organizations or traditions did you participate in as a student?
I was involved with and worked for the University Advising Center as a Peer Advisor. It was a great experience working with incoming freshman and helping them navigate the enrollment and advising process during orientation. It is one of the reasons why I am in higher education today!

Name one class you think every KU student should take and why.
I think everyone should take COMS 130, Speaker-Audience Communication. One of the hardest things to do is to speak in front of an audience and I attribute a lot of my success as a presenter to this class. It teaches you how to organize your thoughts and effectively communicate that to the audience. You also gain valuable skills that you can use in other classes at KU and your career.

When did you know you loved KU?
I knew I loved KU the moment I sang the Alma Mater and the Rock Chalk Chant for the first time in Allen Fieldhouse. Being around 16,299 of my closest friends singing along, swaying back and forth and hearing the chant that to this day still gives me goose bumps. That was when I knew that I wasn’t just a KU student, but I was part of the Jayhawk family. That’s when I looked around and said, “Damn, I love this place!”

What’s the most important piece of advice you give prospective students?
My advice for prospective students is to not be afraid to be different. High school is over and college is a great opportunity to start fresh. Take classes you never thought of taking, join a club you normally wouldn’t join, talk to a complete stranger on campus. You never know what could happen. You may meet your best friend or significant other. You may decide to change your major after taking a certain class. You might even develop a new hobby! Whatever that may be, be open to the new experiences. Challenge yourself to be different. I guarantee that you won’t regret it!

How do you show your Jayhawk pride?
I show my Jayhawk pride by bleeding crimson and blue. I work for KU as an Admissions Representative where I talk about my alma mater as part of my job! My wife loves KU. I have been an Alumni Association member since I graduated and now my 9-month old daughter is a member of the Future Jayhawks program.

How does your KU degree help you in your career and daily life?
My KU degree was in Communication Studies. I have used this degree in my everyday life. I have improved my presentation skills, learned how to talk to all kinds of people in different situations, and can write effectively.  All of these things I use not only in my career, but in my personal life and in my graduate program in Higher Education Administration.

Click here to visit Michael’s page on the Office of Admissions website, which includes his recruitment territories and school visit schedule. Contact Michael at 785.864.5411 or by email at

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