Sleepy student emerges from McCollum rubble

Posted on Apr 1, 2016 in News

img_news_mcrubbleA KU student was found walking around the McCollum Hall rubble dazed, confused and bit sleepy, though otherwise unharmed today, several months after McCollum Hall had been imploded. Zachary Cumberbatch, age 22, scratched his head when approached by workers removing debris from the site, asking “What’d I miss?”

The fourth-year freshman, who was already on academic probation for sleeping in class, stumbled out of the rubble in a T-shirt, gym shorts and flip-flops, then told medical personnel it sounded like there might have been a party on his floor. After being examined and released, Zachary was sent to class with a tardy slip.

Zachary’s mother, Mrs. Cumberbatch, was unfazed by the incident, explaining that her son could sleep through anything. “A freight train couldn’t wake him up,” she said.

–David Johnston

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