Student Rec Center floats out lazy river plans

Posted on Apr 1, 2018 in News

Student Rec Center floats out lazy river plans

After a recent funding resolution passed in Student Senate, the Ambler Student Recreation Center unveiled their plans for a new addition to campus.

“Student health is our number one priority,” said Rec Center president Jay Skwah. “What better way to promote physical health than with swimming? What better way to practice mental health than relaxing on a lazy river in the shape of a Jayhawk?”

“I think it’s a perfect idea,” said freshman Damian Wright. “I never use the services where my student fees go, silly things like career prep, so this is a welcome change.”

Unfortunately, a few campus landmarks will be relocated or removed entirely to accommodate the river rapids near the Chi Omega Fountain and the waterfall near Wescoe Beach. The trees planted along Jayhawk Boulevard in 2014 will be moved to West Campus and replaced with palm trees.

The new lazy river is in line with the Jayhawk Trail that will provide a pedestrian and bicycle path the unifies the entire campus. While a completion date for the lazy river is yet to be determined, current plans call for the river’s entry and exit to be located on lot 90, directly west of the Rec center. KU Parking declined to comment.


We hope you enjoyed our playful prank for April Fool’s Day. This post is pure fiction, so don’t be fooled! Check out all of our April Fool’s Day posts.