The Mythical Bird, by Sean Sheridan, j’92

Posted on Nov 9, 2012 in Alumni News and News

Last week I did something I had not done in 14 years: run through the Campanile and down the hill at Mt. Oread and around the stadium in Lawrence, Kansas at the University of Kansas. I managed to shoot two rolls of film, and I had an amazing time reconnecting with this place, the people, and the memories of my college years. I also had the privilege of speaking to a class of journalism students at the William Allen White School of Journalism (where I have a bunch of photographs on display).

Being there brought back many more memories of where I came from, all of which made me thankful for the journey I have taken to where I am now. And although Old KU lost the football game, the time with friends and in that place will be something I won’t soon forget—if ever. I just hope that it doesn’t take another 14 years to make it back there!

Sean Sheridan, j’92, is a photojournalist and author who traveled back to Lawrence at Homecoming for the J-School Generations reunion. The former KU track and cross country runner blogged about his recent visit and shared the image above. He was profiled in Kansas Alumni magazine in 2011, issue no. 1. Sean’s work has taken him to over 50 countries and has been found in SMITHSONIAN magazine, countless development agencies and gallery exhibitions, Testimony Africa–his book about the terrible beauty of AIDS, genocide, and hunger in Africa–and most recently Wahl Story, his book about renowned graffiti artist Erik Wahl. Sean and his family live in Colorado.