Jayhawk License Plates

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Show your KU pride with a distinctive Jayhawk license plate on your vehicle! When purchasing or renewing a KU license plate, a $50 contribution to the KU Alumni Association is required. All county treasurer’s offices, and the Johnson County DMV, have a supply of KU license plates on hand, so there’s no need to order in advance. Kansas county treasurers are authorized to accept the $50 contribution when you pay your annual state tag fees and vehicle taxes.

Now available! Jayhawk license plates for other states!
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Frequently Asked Questions for Purchasing or Renewing a Jayhawk License Plate

How do I obtain a new Jayhawk license tag?

New Jayhawk license plates can be purchased in person at your county treasurer’s office. In addition to a $50 annual tax-deductible contribution to the KU Alumni Association and your normal state tag fees and vehicle taxes, a one-time special plate issuance fee of $45.50 to manufacture the plate will be assessed.

How do I renew Jayhawk license tag?

  1. You will receive your annual vehicle tag and tax statement from the State of Kansas.
  2. The vehicle tag and tax statement will include the $50 annual contribution required to maintain your KU license plate(s).
  3. You have the option of renewing your KU license plate(s) in person at your county treasurer’s office, by mail to your county treasurer, or on-line via the State’s website at www.kswebtags.org.
  4. Renewal can occur in a single transaction, and the traditional contribution fee payment certificates from the Alumni Association will no longer be required when dealing directly with the county or renewing through the State’s website.

img_shop_licenseplateWhat vehicles qualify for a Jayhawk license tag?

Applicants must be Kansas residents who own passenger vehicles or light trucks that are registered for weight of 20,000 lbs. or less. (Jayhawk license plates are also available in Maryland and Texas.)

Click here for Maryland Jayhawk license plate
Click here for Texas Jayhawk license plate

When should I purchase a plate?

You may purchase a Jayhawk license plate at any time. However, to avoid paying a contribution twice in one year, the best time to purchase a plate is during your annual tag renewal process. If you are within 6 months and more than 45 days from your scheduled license plate renewal month, the required Alumni Association contribution will be prorated to $25 for the partial year. In this situation, you MUST obtain a contribution fee payment certificate from the Alumni Association in advance and MUST present the certificate to the county treasurer when purchasing your plate. To take advantage of prorated fees, please contact Julie Lowrance, our License Plate Administrator, at jlowrance@kualumni.org or 800-584-2957.

Can I request a special name or number?

The Kansas legislation authorizing university plates does not provide for personalization of tags with words or phrases. Tag numbers are randomly issued.

What is the renewal schedule?

Kansans renew their license plates during certain months that are assigned according to the first letter of last names. However, you may register for a new KU license plate at any time during the calendar year.

How do I transfer my license plate to another vehicle?

If you purchase or lease a different vehicle, your KU license plate may be transferred to your new vehicle in most cases. Transfers are handled directly at your country treasurer’s office.

Can I purchase a license plate for someone else as a gift?

Yes. Please contact our License Plate Administrator, Julie Lowrance, at jlowrance@kualumni.org or 800-584-2957 for more information.

When will I receive a receipt for my license plate contribution?

Your license plate donation is 100% tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Charitable receipts acknowledging your gifts will be sent when we receive notification of your purchase or renewal.

How do you use my license plate contribution?

Proceeds from the University of Kansas License Plate program will help fund the Kansas Honors Program. Since 1971, this KU tradition has recognized Kansas high school seniors who rank academically in the top 10 percent of their class. Selections are made regardless of curricula, majors, occupational plans or higher-education goals. Each Kansas Honor Scholar receives a commemorative dictionary and an invitation to one of 40 receptions throughout the state.

Contact our License Plate Administrator, Julie Lowrance, at jlowrance@kualumni.org or 800-584-2957 for more information.