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Hawks 'n Hoops www.kualumni.orgThe madness of March has fully engulfed Jayhawk nation, and the internet is filled with news articles, videos, photos and memes centered around basketball. Social networking sites like Facebook not only let people easily share stories, they also provide fascinating insight into user behavior.

We rounded up a few of our favorites to give you something to read until the KU men’s basketball team tips off against Western Kentucky Friday night at 8:50 p.m.


March madness fandom on Facebook

On Monday, the Sports on Facebook page published a note, complete with colorful graphics, that describes behaviors on Facebook of the 1 million users who have liked a team page for one of the tournament’s 68 teams.

Want to know which conference has the most “likes” on Facebook for their teams? Which teams have the largest fan bases? Where those fans are? You’ll find it here.

Just for fun, scroll all the way to the bottom of the note and check out the rivalry maps–Kansas fans are mapped across the country against fans of our in-state rival to the west.


Deadspin’s take on Facebook fandom

Deadspin followed up the Facebook note with an article of their own about a map that wasn’t included in the original post–all 68 teams and their fan bases mapped out county-by-county.

Not surprisingly, Facebook users in the state of Kansas overwhelmingly support the Jayhawks. What’s interesting, though, is that KU seems to have more fan support in both Missouri and Oklahoma than those states’ own schools in the tournament.

Read the full article and see the map.


Who are Facebook fans more likely to be friends with?

Facebook data may not be truly representative of the entire country, but it’s fun to look at anyway. Another data breakdown: who are fans of a particular school friends with on Facebook?

In most cases– but not all– fans are most frequently friends with other fans of the same school. But sometimes, fans have more friends who are fans of other schools– even rival schools.

A favorite quote: “Missouri fans also have more friends that identify themselves as Kansas fans, though the Jayhawks don’t return the favor. In fact, it looks like a majority of KU fans aren’t accepting friend requests from across the border because Mizzou is not among the top five most common fan friends of Kansas fans.”

Read the full article and see the chart.


And now, we’ll leave you with a video.

Micah Brown, of KU football’s The Gridiron video series fame, and his company Second Wind Creative, produced Ben McLemore: Rising Up, the story of the freshman guard’s journey from the streets of East St. Louis to the University of Kansas.

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