Autumn finally “falls” on the Hill

Posted on Nov 8, 2018 in Campus News and News

Fall on the Hill 2018 | Academic Jay | Autumn
It may be hard to believe but sometimes the crisp, cool yet sunny season of fall skips the Hill and, simply put, autumn just doesn’t fall onto campus. Many years the blistering Kansas summers turn directly into chilly, breezy winter days and we’re left wondering…”Where was fall?”

Fall on the Hill 2018 | Fraser Flags | Autumn

Not this year—fall arrived on the Hill with style

A few days of rainfall turned dreary, dull landscapes into brightly beaming yellows, lively greens and olives and fiery reds fit for a crimson (and blue) campus.

It seems as though the leaves turned overnight, and all of a sudden every scene on campus was picture-perfect. We were even given a warm day with blue skies among a cloudy, cool week.

Fall on the Hill 2018 | Instagram Campanile Leaves | Autumn Fall on the Hill 2018 | Jayhawk Boulevard | Autumn













Fall on the Hill 2018 | Campanile | Autumn

Fall on the Hill 2018 | Spooner Hall | Autumn

Instagram snapshots

Not only did our photographers spend a few days snapping the warm colors of campus, but we’ve enjoyed sharing the beauty on our Instagram account as well.

Fall on the Hill 2018 | Instagram Campanile | Autumn


“Upon completion in 1950, the Kansas City Star called the Campanile “the finest musical instrument of its kind west of Chicago.”






Fall on the Hill 2018 | Instagram Watkins | Autumn


“A deep impression is left on the alumnus who visits Watson Library. [They] will never forget this place.”
– Graduate Magazine, 1924






Fall on the Hill 2018 | Instagram Campanile | Autumn


“Aren’t we lucky that campus blooms in the spring and then turns around and blooms again in the fall?






Digital wallpapers

What better way to relish in the colors of campus than displaying them on your phone, table or computer?

We’ve added some new fall photos to our mobile wallpapers. Enjoy!


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What’s the deal with Homecoming on Halloween?

Posted on Oct 13, 2015 in Campus News and News

Homecoming 1987, via

Horrified alumni have been asking: why is Homecoming on Halloween this year? Was the decision intentional or just a scary coincidence? We’ve solved the mystery in this quick Q and A with Paige Hofer, Homecoming adviser and coordinator of student programs for the KU Alumni Association.

So, what’s the deal with Homecoming on Halloween?

There are many factors involved with deciding the Homecoming date. We start by looking at the football schedule. Early to mid-October is usually the ideal timing. The students look forward to the many activities throughout the week leading up to the Homecoming game, as they unite the different groups on campus and promote school spirit all week long. However, with Fall Break for the students, that ends up taking away two weekends of possible dates.

Wait, what’s Fall Break?

Since 2001, KU has operated with a Fall Break near the middle of the semester to balance the academic calendar while giving students a few days off to recharge. This year the Fall Break is October 10-13. So that took away the October 10 home game (vs. Baylor) and the October 17 home game (vs. Texas Tech). The reason the weekend after Fall Break is not an option is because Homecoming activities for the student body go on for the entire week (Sunday through the following Saturday). This year, the only other option in October was Halloween (vs. Oklahoma), due to the other weekends in October being away games.

Who makes the decision?

It is a collaborative decision. We work closely with Athletics and the University to determine the date. We acknowledge that Halloween isn’t ideal for everyone, but it did lend itself to a great theme this year of “Ghosts of Jayhawks Past.” I do hope alumni will be able to partake in the festivities. Rock Chalk!

Thanks, Paige. If alumni are still wondering whether they should dare to attend Homecoming this year, fear not! We guarantee it’ll be a great time to see old friends and celebrate KU traditions. The Homecoming Parade will be downtown on Massachusetts Street Friday at 6pm, followed by a Pep Rally. After another summer of reconstruction, Jayhawk Boulevard has never looked better as campus is just starting to explode with beautiful fall color. Plus, the possibility of an early kickoff Saturday against Oklahoma would get everyone home in time to trick or treat …after celebrating a KU victory, of course. Sooners, BEWARE! See you at Homecoming 2015!

–David Johnston

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