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Remember a few weeks ago when KU superfan Jason Sudeikis popped the question to his girlfriend, Olivia Wilde? Anja Winikka, c’09, j’09, a writer for the popular wedding website The Knot, wrote a blog post featuring five KU-themed wedding ideas for the couple.

Turns out, several of the ideas and photos were from the Oct. 2010 wedding of alumni Thi Thieu, c’04, j’04, and Cory Miller, c’05. We followed up with Thi to find out more about her Jayhawk love story and wedding.

How did you and Cory meet?

We met in 2004 during our senior year at KU. We both worked at Quinton’s, and when you work there it becomes your home away from home. Although we worked there at different times, we met through mutual friends and started dating just before we both left Kansas.

Tell us your engagement story:

We are both loyal KU fans and have fond memories of Kansas. Every Thanksgiving, we drive from Chicago to Wichita, and a pit stop in Lawrence is our one opportunity to visit campus each year.

In 2009, we stopped in Lawrence on our way from Wichita to Kansas City for the Border Showdown at Arrowhead Stadium. We wanted to take pictures at Potter Lake and the Campanile. After a few photos, Cory suggested that I hop on the bench by the Campanile to get a shot of Kivisto Field- and when I turned around, he was down on his knee.

How do you say no to a Jayhawk on one knee, on campus no less? You don’t.

How did you come up with the ideas for Jayhawk wedding details?

We wanted to incorporate Kansas in tasteful ways. We used Kansas glasses for flower vases; I love the “evolution of the Jayhawk,” so we used glasses featuring the vintage Jayhawks to hold the bridesmaids’ flowers before the wedding.

Cory and I both accessorized with Jayhawks. I used a Jayhawk pin to hold swatches of my mom’s and mother-in-law’s wedding dresses on the inside lining of my dress, and Cory wore Jayhawk cufflinks.

The reception tables were named after Lawrence landmarks, with a personalized description of what the spot meant to us. We sat at the Campanile table with our families, which represented our engagement location. The basketball fans were seated at Allen Fieldhouse; my sorority sisters sat at the Chi Omega fountain table; Cory’s roommates and friends sat at the Goldmaker’s table because he had lived in an apartment over the store.

A popular prop at our photo booth was the plush Jayhawk hat, and one of our friends brought Jayhawk stickers for all the alumni at the reception. Cory even had one on his suit when we were announced at the reception. My only regret is not flying Big Jay up for the wedding!

What was your favorite Jayhawk detail at the wedding?

One of our favorite memories is of the very last song. As our vendors were clearing tables and kicking us out of the venue, our DJ played the last request: the KU fight song! A group of Jayhawk friends circled the floor, dancing and clapping and cheering. Our big night ended with the Rock Chalk chant, and that’s how we celebrated one of the biggest wins of our lives.

Read more about Thi and Cory’s wedding on Thi’s blog.  All photos by Becky Hill Photography.

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